M & E Detmold

The Detmold brothers, Edward and Maurice, were born in London in 1883. Tutored by their uncle, a man who loved natural history, they showed early talent, exibiting as early as age 13. Their works for The Jungle Book, some of which is shown on this page, were done when they were only 20 years old. Sadly, Maurice committed suicide, for no known reason, at age 24. Edward buried himself in his work, creating art for The Fables of Aesop, The Life of the Bee, Birds and Beasts, The Book of Baby Beasts, The Book of Baby Birds, and numerous other volumes between 1909 and 1924. This prodigious output seems to have burned him out. He developed an interest in spirituality, publishing a small volume in 1921. After that he retired from illustrating and publishing, and lived until 1957.

From The Jungle Book

Shere Khan


Kaa the Python

Akela the Lone Wolf


Toomai of the Jungle


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