N.C. Wyeth

NC Wyeth's bold, dynamic style and strong naturalistic bent made his art synonymous with the adventure tale. His staggering output included such books as Treasure Island, Kidnapped, Last of the Mohicans, and The Yearling. Because of books like these, many of us have a strong association between his art and books we read as a child. Born in 1882, he was a strong-willed soul, who inspired several generations of artists after him. During his lifetime, he also illustrated magazine, calendars, posters, and eventually began to do murals. He was doing such a mural when he was killed when a train struck his car in 1945. But it is for his amazing skill and output as an illustrator that he is remembered.

Mysterious Stranger
by Mark Twain


Black Arrow
by Robert Louis Stevenson

by James Fenimore Cooper


The Scottish Chiefs
by Jane Porter



This is one of our favorite NC Wyeth illustrations, just for the exuberance and the almost impressionistic colors.


There are lots of sites with information about NC Wyeth. Here are some of my favorites:

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