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Jim Vadebonceour, Jr., has the hands-down best site for information about classic illustrators. In fact, if you find an illustrator's bio on the web, compare it to Jim's: his is probably the source.
And if you love this art, you're crazy if you don't get copies of every version of ImageS magazine you can.

The tag line is Rare and wonderful children's books. It's also a rare and wonderful site. Frank Wallace loves the art and it shows in the number of scans on his site. He even offers high-quality giclees, reprints, and original art.

Who knew there were so many versions of the Arabian Nights? It goes back hundreds of years and has caught the imagination of illustators and readers the whole time.

Images from a wonderful array of classic illustration artists. Also, links to prints.

A beautiful and also scholarly site about the illustrators and their stories. Includes a discussion board and the full text of numerous books.

A rich and colorful site devoted to the art of the late 19th century, and "the largest museum on the internet." Here you'll find information on traditional fine painting, on artists, and loads of research. And they're not afraid to voice opinions.

Other interesting pages

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